I forgive you by forgiving myself

I forgive you by forgiving myself

by | May 3, 2020 | Life journey, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

When the emotional charge caused by an event from the past is present in your body (saved and hidden in its cells), your past creates the future.


Because this emotion will produce thought at its level, in turn, this thought will strengthen that emotion.

The inner world (what you feel = your emotions + what you think = your thoughts) creates your reality.

In other words, emotion is like a hungry creature that wants to eat ones fill so must attract events at its level. Anger and sadness in your heart will create thoughts around this topic, which in turn will strengthen you in this feeling, which leads to even more thoughts on this topic. Staying in this energy, you spontaneously invite people who will let you feel even more anger and sadness.

Each experience will be an internal projection through the prism of this emotion – consciously or unconsciously these are your choices.

In this arrangement, you hold the proverbial knife in your hand and plunge it into your heart.

As long as you have grief, resentment, anger, sadness, your life is based on this scenario. It is not someone who hurts you, only you hurting yourself.

When you stand to this responsibility, fulfilled with self-love, in the process of transformation, you will automatically forgive yourself and the “accomplices.”

The emotional-free past is transformed into wisdom.

Forgiveness is freedom because it opens the door to new.

It’s not easy, but it’s always worth it.

I forgive you by forgiving myself


Photo by Lina Trochez



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