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How to let life flow?

by | Apr 26, 2019 | Numerology, Life journey

I have always liked to see life as water.
It makes sense, taking into consideration that 70% of planet Earth and around 2/3 of our body consist of water.
However, it’s much easier to visual flowing water and more difficult to apply the same concerning our life.
What letting life flow really means is to be in a moment. To be fully present.
Life, like the ocean, is an unpredictable force.
Often, we are not able to influence what is happening in our lives, but we have always control over one thing – our reaction towards this.
Imagine a big wave is coming towards you. You can try to resist its power, turn your back, stay where you are until it hits you and hurt you. But how about changing your perspective and jumping on it to surf? Turning challenges into opportunities is only working by accepting the present moment.
What is, it is.
Word accepting is wrongfully confused with surrender, giving up and lack of action. Where in fact it is all about acknowledging the present and move forward out of the energy of fullness rather negative emotion and resistance. Said with an easy word, let’s imagine that you have tons of bills to pay. Accepting this means what it is – you have bills. Being worry and stressed is not going to pay them, but most probably will block your creativity in finding solutions. Denying or waiting is not going to solve it either. The only moment where you can influence this fact and act is NOW. If all I can do to solve this situation can happen only right now, why to be afraid or feel weak? This is what gives you the power to turn this wave into opportunity. You learn how to manage your financial situation better. You are acting like finding a job or spending less money and moving forward richer and thankful for this experience.
Above accepting the moment, you can try to enjoy it. For example, waiting for a friend, instead of being nervous and in waiting mode, you can simply drop it and just be… enjoying yourself. As it’s not what you do but how you do what you do.
This is what it means to be in a flow. To move forward with no resistance coming from inside. With acceptance and willingness to discover. Understanding where you are, there is no lacking of anything as your inner purpose is in you. It may sound difficult but no worries, many tools are helpful to support you on this journey.
In my case numerology portrait was one of them. It was like rolling out the map of my life and putting the cross on it- “you are here”.
Being able to see the path that brought me to this point and my current situation gave me the feeling of understanding and acceptance. It’s so much easier to accept what you can understand. Aligning this with knowledge of my inner purpose indicated me the direction I want to evolve into. From there I have continued a new chapter of my journey.
I am not going to say afterword’s your life is going to be easy. As there is no power to ask the ocean to be still. The purpose of your life is not to please you but to elevate you to a higher level of consciousness. There is enormous strength in the present moment and inside you. By understanding this you are letting life flow. Instead, to stand and wait for the waves to hit you, you are jumping and surfing on them. You might flip around and fall but with an acceptance that’s the part of the game. And if there is anything I can promise to you is that from that moment, you will be back on your surfboard quicker and stronger.


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