How to create a new tomorrow by today?

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Life journey, Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

Working with a map of intentions and connection to the heart field.

On Saturday I organized my first online workshop on the zoom platform.

I often say that everything that comes in our life is for us and not against us, but to feel it we need understanding and consciousness.

Understanding engages the mind, it is like the foundation on which we build. Understanding will prepare you better for experiences, give them greater significance, and, consequently, increase your involvement in the process. Too often, rejected understanding is the key to the integration of experiences into everyday life.

If you don’t know why you should be doing something – how long will you persist in it?

The next stage is an experience – involvement of the body and heart – without this our energy will not change, we will not touch the subconscious.

How many times have you participated in the workshop, the level of motivation was huge and the next day you came back to the old routine? The neural pathways created as a result of new knowledge need to touch the heart and body to stay with you.

From „I know” you move in „I experience” in the direction of „I become”.

Scheduled workshops in Warsaw and London did not take place for obvious reasons. I accepted the challenge and went online, which all in all was only a manifestation of my intention.

The workshop exceeded my greatest expectations, I created a new form. Perhaps all this would not even happen if not the fact that I was given more time due to quarantine. My trips were canceled and I was „pushed” to rework the concept.


I am planning  recording training modules on the Udine platform in Polish and English.

Below are some messages from the meeting participants.

I would like to add that two people from the US were with us for whom the workshop lasted all night – what an honor and inspiration.


I am full of gratitude.


“Ewa what you presented yesterday was wonderful. Especially meditation practice was extraordinary, it brought joy and peace in my heart. Thank you very much for that. I hope this state will last forever :)) “

“Very valuable knowledge and experience, I never thought that it could be presented in such a simple and grounding way and at the same time very reliable. Thank you”

“It was intense and beautiful. I knew most from a knowledge point of you, but yesterday I felt it in the heart space and it made me go with the flow”

“I touched my heart and subconscious mind, wow”


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