How to approach the process of change in life?

How to approach the process of change in life?

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Life journey, Business life, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

We could compare the approach to the “process” of any type of growth to sympathy towards Madonna, which is either love or hate.

Personally, I often observe that the self- discovery path often begins with two basic patterns:


1. We have a situation/problem – we will fight, get nervous, we want to finish this stage as soon as possible. The level of anger and impatience increases every day. “I can’t take it anymore” is the main motivation for action.

2. We have a situation/problem – we work on it, recognize patterns, programs, analyze, clean … However, we do not integrate these changes in everyday life, we continue to process and our main motivation is to process and process …

There is no worse or better option here, rather it is the one that will better suit our form of response to a stressful situation. Some prefer to actively fight (1) others rather run away (2).

The secret is that the process that we want to get rid of so much or in which we lost ourselves a little – is here for us – and the key is neither displacement nor prolongation.

Wherever you are now – maybe tired and continuously struggling, or attending various workshops searching for answers and cleaning the chakras, please stop for a moment and slow down.

What is the acceptance of the process and understanding of its meaning?

Certainly, it’s not about forcing yourself to like a hard or sad situation or to pretend that you don’t want to be healthy, pretty and happy. If I say that your process is here for you. For example, being sick is maybe your true healing and the way to become healthy. You see in every event there is a lesson hidden for us. We grow by going through a given experience, e.g. by getting sick, we start to take care of our body, changing diet, environment, reducing stress. Our health awareness is changing, we are working on a relationship with the body and its acceptance. Perhaps a further consequence is the decision to leave the job, which stressed us, where we were burned out. We decide to spend our free time with family and loved ones. The disease teaches us that nothing is obvious and given. What really matters and deserves our attention is close to our hearts. This path, although not always easy and pleasant, creates new values ​​in us, expands our resources.

Looking back, we see that these qualities were needed to achieve our goal/dream of peaceful and happy family life and work with a passion. The solution would be neither a quick medicine and recovery leading back to work behind a hated desk nor remaining sick and giving up. The key was to enter the experience and go through each subsequent stage until the initially negative event such as illness actually becomes something positive.

Conscious work transforms your perspective so that things in life stop happening to you and begin to be here for you. There are no shortcuts in the process, but I promise the moment will come and you will start turning challenges into opportunities. Distance between you and your dream will disappear.



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