heart-driven path

Heart-driven path

by | May 13, 2019 | Life journey, Self-discovery

Just a few days before bringing my website and social media live I have started to feel uncomfortable. There was a clear resistance in front of this big step into a new chapter of my life. I felt insecure and tired. I wondered if anybody will read my blog or listen to my video and if yes- will it be received positively?

Do you know what I am talking about? This voice coming from your head? It’s your mind, and he* doesn’t like new things. The unknown is an equal red alert. It’s because the main role of our mind is to protect us and let us survive. Clearly starting a new business and leaving a well-paid job is not part of the deal.

However, sometimes the pain of not doing something in life is higher than the pain of doing it. I received this call. I took it and let my heart guide me.

So how it feels to be on a heart-driven path? Surely resistance is still here. It’s like a shadow of our dreams. But whenever it tries to take over the control I feel the confidence coming from my heart. By saying confidence, I don’t mean being sure everything will be fine and easy. The heart-driven path is not an easy path. But still, it is making me happy at the end of the day. This confidence is a feeling that whatever will happen I don’t want to turn back. There is no regret, just fulfillment. On top of this, I gained deep trust, like the whole universe conspired to support me. I could provide a list of examples starting by people helping me to create this project finishing by an unexpected chunk of money arriving from retirement insurance account which supposed to be blocked for the next 30 years giving me a breath of freedom during a transition period.

So here is the secret. The more you are acting the less resistance and doubts will come to you. it’s like driving a car in the dark, lights are showing you just a few meters ahead and not the whole road at once, but still, you know you can arrive at the destination place.

Every step is bringing you closer.

The real magic happens. Even though topics I am touching here on the blog are coming out of my heart, with no clear agenda, every time it is reaching somebody that was needing exactly this message or inspiration.

In the end, the heart-driven path has many destinations, various ways to express or walk on but always leads to one – into other people hearts.


* I consider my mind to be my best friend, that’s why calling it in person and not with object way.


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