Hearing yourself and listening to yourself .The coherence of the heart.

Hearing yourself and listening to yourself. The coherence of the heart.

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What is the difference between hearing yourself and listening to yourself …?

Let’s start by explaining both of these concepts.

Hearing yourself is hearing your inner voice, connecting with your intuition. Do you know that your intuition and all your emotional intelligence are in your heart? The heart is the source of your truth, this pure one, without imposed patterns and expectations of others. There are no 100 scenarios and a million doubts here, because the heart is a compass, as it indicates left it is left and right is right.

Why do we say that one can only really hear through the heart?

Gerard Athias explains it beautifully by describing all the senses

Touch – which is in relation to the earth,

A taste that is in a relationship with water. Trying/tasting is to dissolve something in the water

The smell, which is in relation to the air, because by sniffing we draw in air/smell

Sight – joins fire, because to see something it must be illuminated,

Hearing is, however, in relation to the quintessence of the five senses – a word. The first four senses are experienced by the brain and hearing by the heart. To hear is to connect sensation with the five senses, that is, to go through the heart.

… ..

Each of us communicates and receives heart signals in different ways, sometimes it’s a prick on the stomach when we make decisions, other times it’s a quiet voice that whispers “it’s not a partner for you, let go” …

However, hearing is not the same as listening …

For me, listening to the heart is connecting with my truth, not questioning it. To listen to yourself is to be in tune with yourself. Sometimes I see and understand the meaning right away, sometimes, despite fear, I walk in trust.

Many people ask how to do this …

My way and the way I share with my clients is the coherence of heart, mind, and body.

Coherence is a combination of all our three tools into a functioning operating system.

It’s being in harmony with yourself. The key is cooperation instead of a fight and understanding of individual functions. If my heart is my truth and compass, I let it guide my decisions. The mind is to support these decisions with an implementation plan so that they materialize in the world.

However, the mind is not an advisor. What for? If the heart has already given a direction. Further decision analysis will only lead to more chaos, fear and lack of action. Just as a hammer can build something or destroy at the same time – this is valid for the mind too. It’s an executive, not an advisory center. Also, a heart without a mind will not give a sense of fulfillment, because following the path of truth is not about acting emotionally and jumping on the head, because it only sabotages our plans. It is worth planning with the mind because that’s what the mind is for!

And what about the body? The body will show us the state of this coherence or lack of it.

Coherence balances our autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic).

According to Recall Healing, most diseases have their roots until you have once again not listening to yourself. When, to please someone else, to be nice, kind, obedient you have betrayed your truth …

Everything that follows, stress, a sense of sadness and loss are the consequences of this choice.

Hearing and listening to yourself is not a recipe for an easy and pleasant life forever, but for sure for a healthier and happier one …

We are here to live in our own truth, in harmony with our nature, and not as we are commanded by “good manners” to please others.

Life is offered to us as a means of our expression that only gives us what we are looking for when we listen to the voice of our heart.

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