Explaining, demonstrating, showing – do you know it?

by | May 7, 2020 | Self-discovery, Life journey, Spiritual life

Do you need to convince others of your own truth and choices?

Maybe you like to show others how happy, beautiful, and rich you are?

I remember the situation from my high school. I broke up with my boyfriend. He came to my window that night and threw pebbles at them. When I opened it, he told me “I don’t love you anymore and I am better without you”.

Do you really think that someone who is happy and satisfied with the outcome goes extra 2 miles at night, waiting outside just to convey such a message? His eyes were full of suffering and bitterness.

Have you noticed that wealthy people speak very little about money, and if they reach for luxury brands, then those with a hidden logo? However, those who feel unworthy, low-value are wearing large prints on a T-shirt and taking a loan for a car, necessarily better than the one from the neighbor.

Someone who is happy will not post photos on Facebook every day just to show how good he/she is. It’s rather a hidden scream asking for help – notice me, I’m lonely.

In the past, I was often driven by the imperative of explaining my own reasons and motivation behind. The more I did it, the more people questioned my choices. Why? Because deep down I was not convinced of what I was doing and tried to drown out the voice of my heart.

It also works the other way around, if you notice this behavior from others and it irritates you, it is also for you. Why do you invest your energy there?

Yesterday one person wrote a few words that may not have been addressed directly to me but were ironic. My first reaction was a kind of sadness, then anger. Today I accept this as a lesson, as an inspiration for my further development, for writing this article and for noticing the suffering that these words are lined with. In meditation, I dissolved negative emotions and filled my vase with roses of “acceptance”.

Any attempt to divert your attention and, therefore, your energy to the outside world is not serving you. From the outside, you can’t fill your vase with happiness, abundance, and love. By releasing beliefs, programs, and emotions attached to them, you slowly become free, beautiful, and joyful. Suddenly you don’t need to present this state – as we all sense the energy of another human being – is visible to others.

The higher the energy state, the more people are inspired by you, you don’t need to do anything – this energy works like a magnet.

Don’t waste energy on explaining, persuading, or demonstrating, invest it in yourself and flourish with it.


Photo by Daphne Engelke


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