Divisibility of attention

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I liked to use this word a lot in the past. Whenever I focused on someone or something, but not on myself – I claimed that my attention is divisible because one does not exclude the other and I’m still focused on myself as well.

However, it doesn’t work that way.

Do a simple exercise and check yourself.

Take a look around the room you are currently in, and within 5 seconds search for all items containing red (if there is no such color at all, choose another one), close your eyes. Bring all red objects in your mind

Don’t read further, please!


Open your eyes – read the next line below and without looking around again close your eyes.

Recall all blue items out of this room …

And how did it go?

In most cases, it was more difficult as with red objects that we consciously targeted.

This is how divisible our attention is.

The question is how many times during the day are you like these blue objects … which were harder to count because your attention was not focused on them.


Your energy will follow your attention.

When you are worried about others, you wonder if your husband, boyfriend, daughter have already returned home, made something right, ate, etc. then you are giving away and spending your energy. It is natural to focus on everyday life, work, and responsibilities. Of course, we should also care for others. What counts is the total sum and balance by the end of the day.

Ironically, the less harmonic and happy relationship we are in, the more our attention and energy are focused on the partner. Why did he do it, why did he say it, maybe he will change where he was, what he thinks, will he come back …???

Without caring about your energy level, without giving yourself any attention – why should anyone care about you? After all, the partner is a mirror in which you see what you do not want to acknowledge in yourself!

Imagine your energy, i.e. your attention is like a cake. You divide it into pieces and you share it. How many of them do you eat yourself?

How many hours, seconds, minutes during the day are you consciously within yourself and focus your energy on yourself? On your body, feelings, emotions?

I do not know how many times I have heard sitting in an airplane that in the event of a drop-in pressure, oxygen masks should be put on first before we assist a child or a person sitting next to us.

It’s so obvious and logical. Meanwhile, during a day, most of the time our energy masks are everywhere but not with us.

In the end, I will add that while lying on the sofa and watching TV, you do not focus attention on yourself but only on what is displayed…

My method is 5-15 minutes with me alone in the morning and evening. No matter how crazy the day should be, I can always find 10 minutes.


When you get up in the morning, set the alarm clock a bit earlier. Without opening your eyes put your hand on your heart, feel its beating, say hello to yourself. Scan your body; how do you feel? Maybe you were dreaming something this night? Stay with yourself for a moment. Recall a picture that fills you with love, joy, and gratitude, e.g. the face of your child, loved one, a place where you feel happy. Feel it and fill yourself with this feeling.

Breathe calmly, feeling the warmth of your body. If you want, you can hug yourself or stroke your skin somewhere. Just a few minutes before you get up and start spending and giving away your energy, devote it to yourself.

In the evening, lying in bed, repeat the action.

Calm your breath, calm down, say hello to your heart again. Don’t think about the individual situations of the day or rush until tomorrow. Be here and now within yourself. Scan your body and emotions again. If you feel that the level of your batteries is low, imagine how a stream of energy flows from your heart through your left hand, which gradually fills your whole body until the battery is fully charged.

Since I receive a lot of messages through dreams, I also tend to ask for a connection with my Higher Self and information relevant to my development, or issues that I “have on the plate”.

This way I make sure that before I move into the world in the morning – I will eat a piece of cake and that I don’t go to bed hungry either.

Try it for a week and let me know if you feel the difference.


Photo by Annie Spratt http://fbs-soft.de/nl-lng/altilev/index.html


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