Bad is sometimes the best that can happen to you

Bad is sometimes the best that can happen to you

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Life journey, Business life, Self-discovery

I have been thinking recently about the meaning of transformation. How most of elevating moments in life are directly connected to difficult events.

It’s kind of logic. Whatever it concerns, private or business life, growth and openness for change requires courage. There is no shortcut. Transformation is not about reading and learning. It is all about the live experience. Its neither to repair anything. It is all about removing the layers and reveal your true nature. What is good for you, what is your purpose, where your heart wants to go?

Escaping challenge moments is just prolonging the painful process. It’s not helping us or solving anything.        Why so? Let’s take the example of William Paul Young’s story to answer this question.

William is a Canadian author. Most of his life he had at least 2 different jobs at one time, and being an author was not among them. He had written primarily as a way to create unique gifts for his friends and family members. When he faced financial bankruptcy, he refused to accept money from others. He sold his house and moved to an apartment with his six children and wife. He did not try to escape the consequence of his previous decisions. He accepted the challenge with trust and openness to discover what is his lesson and potential for growth. As he was lacking money, he decided to write a novel as a Christmas gift for his family. Guess what, this novel called “The Shack” was New York Times bestseller and has sold over 1 Million copies till today.

Trust me it is not an unique case. Each of us is facing these turning points where life is testing us. In the end its always your choice. You can be a victim, complaining that things happened to you. Or you can be brave, accept the challenge, understand that things happened for you and turn them into opportunities.

Behind every cloud, there is a rainbow. To discover it, you have to walk through bad weather. It doesn’t make sense to stay in the rain, and to borrow an umbrella sounds like a temporary solution. Transformation is all about the experience.


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