An apology with no change is manipulation!

by | Jan 5, 2020 | Life journey, Numerology, Self-discovery, Spiritual life

We are all human and we make mistakes! However, repeating the same mistake all the time is not a mistake but a conscious choice!

There are subconscious programs, family lessons or karma driving every negative behavior! E.g. a person who lies is guided by an anxiety program, under which shame is hidden! If, in childhood, he/she was raised by a dominant, aggressive father or a strong bossy mother, his / her ability to express her desires will be blocked! Hence, even if such a person would like to say what she/he is afraid of and what troubles him/her, it will get stuck in his throat like a tennis ball! It will be easier to say nothing and lie in the hope that it will not come out and somehow work out!

On the other hand, refusing to work with your programs and not developing your true potential is equal to the comfortable statement “I am as I am”. This is ignorance and a conscious choice; “I will lie again”. In this case, each subsequent apology is pure manipulation!

If you play this game, you are not a victim! It’s your lessons too! Right questions to ask:

  • Are you concentrated on yourself?
  • Are you honest with yourself?
  • Do you set yourself as a priority?
  • How strongly do you set and defend your borders?

Remember, the fact that you understand where the harmful behavior comes from gives you the driving force to clean your yard and go further! Understanding, however, does not mean acceptance! You have the right to say no and chose your happiness above being hurt.

In this system there is no bad and no good, this is a game! You both play it until one does their homework and creates new conditions!

When someone hurts you – don’t ask why they do it!

Ask – what this situation wants to teach me and why do I agree to it?

Change is only possible within you!

It’s not easy, but it’s always worth it!

It is not a book knowledge but written by life!


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