A new moon in Libra and a new numerological cycle!

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Numerology, Spiritual life

The coming new moon (Saturday 20:26) introduces us to the new numerological year in the September cycle. It is the time of transit from the energy of the year in which we still are and the one which is already waiting for us. The whole universe is cyclical, also the energies that affect us. Knowledge and awareness of this fact can be very helpful. Just as it is natural that in winter you wear boots instead of flip-flops, at the same time, you can also protest and freeze your feet. The numerological cycle works in the same way for us, it is valuable information on how to use this period, in which lightness can accompany us and what may be better to postpone.

Since the new moon is a time of letting go, cleansing, it is worth looking at in the coming days, what was this year for us, in what areas of our lives we feel fulfilled and what could be changed.

Until Saturday at 20; 26 focus on what you heal and finish, and then feel what you desire and how the energy of the new cycle can support you in this.

Finally, I will add that in parallel to the September cycle, we are affected by the birthday cycle and the combination we carry in, which is why I invite you to individual sessions for more information.


How to calculate the cycle September 2019 – September 2020

For vibration of birth (count all the numbers from the date of birth together, e.g. 21.10.1982- 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 6 – this is numerological 6) add 4 (2020)

Numerological 1 will enter year 5

Numerological 2- in year 6

Numerological 3-in year 7

Numerological 4- in year 8

Numerological 5- in year 9

Numerological 6- in year 1

Numerological 7- in year 2

Numerological 8 – in year 3

Numerological 9- in year 4


Numerological years at a glance


Energies: vitality, a breath of freshness, a new beginning, new activities, enthusiasm.

The perfect time for: new job, removal, starting your own business, new relationship, new friendships.

Watch out for: hasty, ill-considered decisions, lack of patience. This year will decide on the further course of your 9-year cycle, hence it is worth giving yourself time to feel and plan new ventures properly, taking care of the balance of body and soul.


Energies: patience, waiting, adaptation, compromise, diplomacy

The perfect time for; deepening relationships, verifying true friendships, working in groups, strengthening communication skills, settling disputes.

Watch out for: health – after a very active time, it is worth taking care of the nervous system and relaxation, addictive love relationships.



Energies: pleasure, joy, carefree, flirt, romance, surprises

The perfect time for: having fun in somebody’s company , going out, joyful games, optimism and infecting others with joy, artistic classes.

Watch out for: health, the nervous system can be overloaded, because we are in male and female energy, stress levels, self-control (internal child has a lot to say) – in order not to spend the whole year playing around but as well to notice and take advantage of sudden opportunities, e.g. promotion.



Energies: work, humility, perseverance, struggle, responsibility, honesty, economy

The perfect time for: verification of previous plans and building solid foundations in every sphere of life, work, gathering material resources

Watch out for: sudden occasions that can bring losses, routine, overwork, emotional coldness/ reserve, workaholism.



Energies: change, diversity, surprise, adventure, flexibility.

The perfect time for: travels, independent plans, adventures, changes (professional, place of residence, relationship), new experiences, playing va banque, real estate investments.

Watch out for: dormant topics become active (karma), it is worth consciously strengthening your own “back”, to face unforeseen situations, the voice of intuition (we do not enter projects that it advises against)



Energies: home, family, relationships, harmony, happiness

The perfect time for: starting / planning a family, refreshing old friendships, settling disputes.

Watch out for: illegal activities, changes in the place of residence are not advised, nostalgia (let’s remember only the positive filling ourselves with the right energy), organization of activities (we can be slower, lazy).



Energies: science, wisdom, internal world, self -development, mysticism.

The perfect time for: staying in the bosom of nature, meditation, improving qualifications, learning, reading, choosing a specialization.

Watch out for: depressive states, loneliness, lack of understanding, unpleasant random events such as illness, material losses or loved ones (this force is activated especially when we do not listen to the voice of the heart and remain “on the surface”), competition, and slander.



Energies: money, matter, harvest, rewards, courage, expansion.

The perfect time: business, material investments, realization of ambitions

Watch out for: lessons from the past – open and unattended issues come back to us, karmic relations, greed, duplicity.




Energies: general cleaning, closing the old, creating space for new, letting go, trust.

The perfect time: all kinds of orders/letting go in all spheres of life, where our development is inhibited.

Watch out for: signing contracts, stubbornness, fighting, all long-term private and professional commitments (it’s time to plan not to act), any illegal activities (we will pay them back many times).



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