10 krokow w kierunku szczesliwego zycia

10 steps toward a happier life

by | May 30, 2020 | Life journey, Self-discovery

  1. Do not judge – you never know what is in the heart of another person and what the burden of her/his experience is. By saying “I would never” you challenge the universe.
  2. Don’t assume – unless you read in minds and communicate telepathically, ask before stating it is like this and not the other way around.
  3. Do not justify – when a given emotion leads us, we can see, hear, and feel only what supports this state. If you doubt, then find the correct answer to the question: what are you looking at? from a big, drunk, guy.
  4. Don’t prove your point – everyone is right. We perceive reality through individual filters – so we can look at the same thing and see something different.
  5. Don’t convince – each of us has the right to own choices and experiences, which are guided by different values. My truth does not have to be yours.
  6. Let go – whatever you hold on to – do you need it? It’s like going for a walk with a pebble in the shoe.
  7. Forgive – forgiveness is not about accepting someone’s apology, but about understanding that it is your perspective that influences your reality, it is not the person that hurts or provokes you, but your reaction and emotions.
  8. Be grateful – gratitude is an internal state. Don’t wait for something to happen to have a reason to say thank you.
  9. Act – life cannot be lived in theory, but through experiences, so follow your heart. On deathbed, the regret is not concerning made mistakes but dreams that we didn’t dare to reach for.
  10. Love – share love, simply and without reason. The only way to live the life you love is to fall in love with it today.


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