A path of heart with a map of intentions


Let me ask you a few questions:
  1. How many times have fate or destiny been against you in your life?
  2. Do you feel the desire to change any life situation?
  3. Do you want to move forward but don’t know how?
  4. Do you worry for the future?
  5. Do you feel like you are spinning around and repeating similar patterns?
  6. What are your dreams? Please list 5
  7. How many of them do you believe to meet shortly?
  8. If life would be compared to a movie, do you have the feeling that you are its director and you play the main role in it?
  9. Have you heard that your inner world affects the outer world, hence you should raise your energy resource, but you do not know how to implement this theory?
  10. If I gave you a magic wand, would you hesitate to use it?

If I got even one “YES“, please read on.

droga serca z mapa intencji

I have good news for you:

Magic can happen in your life and without any spells.

Do you want to know how?

The secret is a harmonious combination of all your tools: heart, mind and body, so that what you desire is expressed in your emotions, thoughts and actions. If you give me 5 hours of your time I promise that I will lead you through all 3 levels. Combining my knowledge of quantum physics, heart coherence, numerology, energetic body, meditation by Joe Dispenza, Kabbalah and many other sources, I have developed a method that will not take you more than 15 minutes a day and will allow you to attract a life as you desire and for which the heart is calling you.


Preparing a map of intentions is not only great fun but also the first attempt at confrontation with yourself and your inner world. What do I think about my dreams?

“Seeing is believing”

The mind loves visualization, hence it processes images 60,000 times faster than text.

The map is also an ideal tool to remember every day what you are striving for and why you are doing it. I will explain to you how your mind works and how to use it correctly.

Mind – is a theory that requires the involvement of other tools to enter into practice.


Your body hears your thoughts and creates its own experiences through them, which in turn evoke certain emotions that make you repeat the old patterns in a new setting, even though you want to change. Step by step, in simple way, I will explain to you the connection between your energy and physical body, and how to influence your health and well-being in a few minutes.


The heart is your compass and source of your wisdom. To verify your dreams, I will guide you through my meditation of the heart so that you can feel and make sure that these desires are consistent with your truth. For your intentions map to be an effective tool and not just a fancy picture, I will teach you to enter the coherence of the heart to create an electromagnetic field that attracts our desires like a magnet.


My dream is for each of us to have a happy life independent of external factors. In recent years, first for my health and well-being and then in a sense of mission I searched, checked, tested and experienced a lot to get back to the basics and find a solution in this simplicity. It doesn’t require much time or years of study. Transformation will take place during these workshops and you need only 15 minutes a day to maintain effects.

The best day to start is always today,
do not wait for tomorrow.

Participant feedbacks:

warsztaty droga serca z mapa intencji

oh it was wonderful: this meditation is so all-encompassing, it can bring joy, love and peace in your heart … thank you very much for that. Really. I hope this feeling will last forever :))

Very valuable knowledge and experience, I did not think that it can be presented in such a simple and pleasant way and at the same time very reliable. Thank you

It was intense and beautiful. I honestly knew most from theory point of you, but this workshop surprised me going straight into the heart and letting me move with the flow.

I touched my heart and subconscious mind, wow!

It touches the heart, touches the soul, touches the body and touches the mind. Wonderful meditation 🙏 If you have better knowledge, if you look deeper – then you choose better. Ewa in an incredibly accessible and “simple“ way discovered desires which were deeply buried inside of me. Thank you. I recommend it with all my heart